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romance manga recommendationsamong men, webtoon webcomic created by lezlynorman you can read it for free
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romance manga recommendations

Among men is a webcomic that contains violence against women, feminist/gender equality topics in this story.

The behavors shown in my webtoon may depic some of the ethic and predijuces that were common in the 20th century, these depictions were wrong then and are wrong today.  The following themes in this comic are just a reflexion of why its important fight for women and LGBT rights, my intention is not to attack men or some kind of groups that disagree with the actions shown in my webtoon.


In the 40s, to pay the hospital debts where her mother is, a young girl crossdresses herself as a guy to get a job in one of the most prestigious banks in the world, can she survive in a male-dominated world and her new billionaire boss?


romance manga recommendations

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lezlynorman is a webtoon / webcomic illustrator who trys to help amateour digital artists focused in manga / anime style, auto of among men on webtoon

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