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webtoon online among men 

If you are looking for a webtoon online. I want to present you my own webcomic

Quick resume:

Gaby is a girl that needs to pay the hospital debts where her mother is, and the only way that she can do it is by crossdressing herself as a guy to work in one of the most prestigious banks in the world, can she survive in a male-dominated world and her new billionaire boss pretending to be a boy?

Webtoon online


1. Among men is for free on webtoon

Who doesn’t love free stuff?

The best part when someone recommends something to read is when it’s free! You can read among men for free on webtoon, you don’t need to be a Patreon, or have a premium subscription. Just sign up on the app and you are on board.

webtoon online

webtoon online

Even if a webtoon has an interesting story idea, 90% of webtoons fails in plot structure

Among men was written using Blake Snyder’s screenwriting structure “save the cat”, I’ve already had the whole story written, so there won’t be any kind of plot hole of dragged plot.

2. Is a webtoon online with good art

Even if my webtoon is based on typical manga art, I tried to give it an original twist mixing it with the cartoonish style from 20th-century cartoons art style (and this is because my story is based on 20th-century, somehow is a historical manga).

extra twits: sometimes I like to animate some panels just for fun lol

These are some panels from my comic if you’re wondering how it looks like, as you can see most of the time is manga style but I manage vintage retro cartoon style on my panels too.  

webtoon online

3. Among men webtoon online

4. Interesting cast of characters and important message on the story

Among men has a very fun cast of characters, all of them are very different from each other, and has interesting chemistry around them, no room for mary sues or hot cliche bad boys as male leads.

Also, this is not only a webtoon online, the story itself has a strong message about why are important gender equality and women’s rights. there are more than just romance plots in this story.

5. Real testimonials are loving this story so far!

You can see comments on my story about how much they are enjoying the comic, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try! 

best romantic manga webtoon, web comic among men social proofs, fans, lovers, likes, testimonials
best romantic manga webtoon, web comic among men social proofs, fans, lovers, likes, testimonials


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See you! 😀 

lezlynorman is a webtoon / webcomic illustrator who trys to help amateour digital artists focused in manga / anime style, auto of among men on webtoon

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